Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Some take Mine Craft way to seriously.

Listening to the boys talking about Mine Craft this afternoon I have learned that some people take this game a little too seriously. 

For instance, my 12 year old has been banned from a Hunger Games version of the game because he killed the games creator....Seriously, if the 12 year old beat you without cheating suck it up and admit defeat don't ban the little monster unless you are just afraid that he will continue to beat you even though you have all the major things to protect you.  Seriously? 

The next instance beats the first.  How does my 4 year old beat a 42 year old person who is making the games?  Seriously, you can't get mad at him and curse at him (I will be grateful that he doesn't read curse words well yet) because he killed you.  Seriously, if my 4 year old is beating you, you might want to think about playing another game more suited to your capabilities, I think leap frog makes some that would be more suitable for you.

This concludes my complaint session about adults who need to get a grip. 

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