Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sorry I'm Closed Today

I found this sign on Corbin's door....I knew it was my warning sign of things to come. 
Later in the morning as I am driving there is a yelp from the back of the car. 
C:  Mom!  My leg is stuck!
So, get it unstuck. (I'm oh so helpful when driving, hey at least I'm paying attention to the road.)
C:  I can't!  HELP!!!!
I look back and see......His leg is twisted in his seat belt.  What in the world.  I am not even sure how he got his leg stuck and at that moment I wished Zach was in the car to take a picture and get his brother unstuck.  So I did the nest best thing.  I found a safe place to pull over got out of the car and took my picture.  Even though he didn't want me to.  The seat belt was wrapped around his leg and it was ratcheted so you couldn't pull it forward.  After calming him down I was able to get his leg out and continue on our way.  Hey, at least I got a warning sign that he was closed for the day.  Some days I just get side swiped.


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