Sunday, November 18, 2012

Careful what you pray for.....

One of my BFF's has been hoping and praying to be blessed with another child.  She loves children is fantastic with them and is such a great mommy. 

My children and I decided that she didn't just need one more baby we thought two would be quite lovely. So for the past almost year we have been praying every single night that Auntie would have twins. (I have decided I will not make this prayer for others in the future....)

Yesterday, she got the news that they were going to be blessed with two little girls.....I haven't heard from her since except a text to say:

Definitely have our hands full!
Me: Guess this puts a damper on going to Vegas...LOL
Oh a wee bit!
Me: Darn!
Got to go can't talk anymore!
Me:  And it begins.  LOL

As I was sitting at home in the silence, with my back out, and my children at their fathers I realized that I had done a very mean thing to my friend.....I wished lots of babies upon her....I wonder if the thought that went through my head at that moment wasn't even worse....I bet now she'll get pregnant....With twins.  Guess we should be careful of what we pray for.....LOL

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