Monday, November 19, 2012

Kill the baby?

Sitting in the living room, the boys dad and I were discussing plans for the upcoming week.  From the front room we hear Zach and friend skyping with another friend......

F: Kill the Baby!!!
Z: I'm trying!  He keeps getting away!
SF: Hurry up and kill him!
F:  Yeah Kill the baby!

The boys dad looks to the room and says:

What in the world are you guys doing?  Did I just hear you say kill the baby?  What are you playing??

F:  Yeah I said kill the baby Mr. Flamik.
D: Why?
F: Oh cause that's the guys call sign baby something on Mine Craft.
Z:  Yeah dad, we are killing a guy who is creeping on us in the Hunger Games version of Mine Craft. 
F:  Yeah we aren't killing real baby's...That would be wrong, unless they were creepers, then we would totally kill them.
D:  Okay then..(shaking his head and chuckling)
Me:  I am so blogging this.
D:  I figured.....

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