Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who chewed the walls??

Last week we played bedroom shuffle.  Here are the rules, first we move everything around and clean all the dust bunnies.  Then we make sure everyone in the house has a bed they will sleep in, preferably by themselves.  Then we finish cleaning with the help of outsiders since I injured myself moving boxing equipment. 

As we are working on the final room I notice something odd on the wall.  I get closer and see teeth marks done to the metal on the corner of the wall and that on the other side of that wall the paint is peeled away.  I look at my mother:

I wonder who did this....

Mom:  I don't.  CORBIN!!!!

C:  Yes? (after 5 minutes of ignoring us.)

Me:  Why did you bite the wall?

C:  Because I didn't like the color and wanted to change it.

Me:  Corbin do not bite walls!  Or furniture!  That is not how we change paint color!

C:  Okay mom, I promise.

Mom:  I can't say anything.  I used to eat paint when I was little....Before they changed from lead paint.

Me:  You do realize that explains a lot and I am so blogging this conversation!

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