Sunday, October 28, 2012

Okay! I give! Mess up fairy, vist someone else!

You know when they say God won't give you more than you can handle?  Yeah....I'm done.  Thanks so much no more please. 

It has been an extremely long week and it's still early!

From having neck pain all last week and the acupuncturist being unable to put a needle in my shoulder it was so tight, to having out of town guests show up unexpectedly, to my great uncle passing, to the glass table in the backyard shattering on my bare feet, to the dog, and then let me top my week with my all time favorite.....the toilet overflow! 

The neck is a little better, its what I get for trying to move too much furniture and having to pull my child from a horse that got spooked.  All is well there, just a little spasm nothing to worry about...(kinda like a flesh wound, no big deal.)

The guests are gone.

My Grandfather's older brother passed, sad but he was 96 or 97 and he was done.  He will be missed but he really is in a better place.  I'm sure making mischief with his brothers as I write.  The morning of his funeral it was raining, a lot!  I went outside to take all the umbrellas down and put them away.  As I was taking the one from the glass table I touched the side of the table and the whole thing came shattering down on my bare feet.  (I did not get one piece of glass from that in my foot.)  However, if my children have never heard me say a bad word before.....Well, they have now.  I didn't even get reprimanded by the oldest,
"Mom, do you need some help?"

"what gives you that idea?"

"Ummm, you said that word, and there is glass everywhere."

"You heard that?  The door was shut!"

"Yeah, we heard that, but I think maybe this situation was what that word was intended for."

"Yes, yes it was."
Tell me that was not worth one word.

After that the mess up fairy already had her hands dirty for the week, why not up the anti?!  The dog...I have complained about the dog before.  This will be the last complaint I can lodge.  The dog ran away the other night.  Now she has done this so many times you kinda think well, I spent 3 hours in the middle of the night looking for her, she'll turn up.  She turned up but not the way I wanted.  She was hit by a car and didn't make it.  She was a good dog, mostly, except for her escape artistry, attacking of other dogs, and general pain in my buttness.  She did, however, endure the stick of pens where pens don't belong, Corbin teething on her ears, and many other unmentionable incidents. 
The dog is the reason I discovered that the rumba could pick up dog poop, though really not all that effectively.  She is also responsible for tripping me and making me splash salsa all over the walls on new years eve when we lived in Salinas, just when one of the neighbors shot his gun off.  A little disturbing for all when the walls looked like they were covered in blood and the dog was licking them up. 

Ah, all the blogging opportunities are done for Matty dog. :-( Don't worry, there are plenty more opportunities out there, and I will find them and share them.

This is what a good friend gives you on a bad day.  A super sized iced mocha! 

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