Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! (do not view if you are blood sensative, its just a little blood)

It is Halloween night and we love Halloween! When else can you knock on your neighbors doors and search their bowls for candy?  (For me I can always go visit my friend through the back gate and rummage through her candy, but usually that is not the norm.)

Today we managed to carve our pumpkins, make pumpkin pie with 10 kids, toast pumpkin seeds, make it to theater(a little late), and trick or treat. 

As we were walking down the street trick or treating we were stopped in the middle of the sidewalk by Adam bending over.

What's wrong?

Adam:  I'm bleeding.

Hummm there's trouble.

Adam:  Yeah, I need a tissue. (So I call back to my friends and ask them to visit the last house we were at, fortunately another friends, and get some tissue.)

F:  He's handling this so well!

Adam: Yeah, I get them all the time.  It's no big deal.

F: (laughing) Wow! That's a lot of blood. 

Well, it wouldn't be Halloween without a little blood on the streets now would it?

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