Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I no longer have bad days....I have blog days.

You know its going to be a blog day when Corbin comes yelling into my room:

C: Mom!

Me(before my feet hit the cold floor of the morning or coffee): What?

C:  I have a plumbing issue!  (This is so not the way to start the morning!)

Me:  Okay then....
I get up and find the toilet is so clogged that it needs more than a plunger!  Thankfully our neighbors who moved away, a man who would come to my house and announce that Captain Camode was here to save the day, left me their toilet snake.  Even better, I come from a long line of plumbers, I can handle a little crap now and then.  I get the toilet unclogged and go to the kitchen to start coffee, then to the laundry room to start laundry when.....

C:  MOM!!!!!!!!

Me:  What honey?!?!?!?

C:  I have another plumbing issue!

What in the world did he do to the other toilet!?!?!??!?!?!?  Sigh...Okay.  I get the other toilet unplugged and take a shower.  I didn't say I liked dealing with plumbing, only that I wasn't afraid of plumbing issues.

Later today I get a text from my dear friend:

Did your day get better after your toilet-tastic morning?

Well I wouldn't call to day a bad day just a blog day.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ari!
    Great post, as usual. You always make me smile.
    Even more so today since all the ads on your blog were for plumbers and plumbing supplies. Targeted marketing! Hah!
    Love ya! D