Saturday, December 6, 2014

Removal of facial hair with duct tape..

"Hold your babies they grow up so fast." This is a quote I have heard from countless people over the years. It wasn't until today that I realized how true it is.

I got the boys back from their dads house and we were talking like we do about how their weekend was. I happened to look over at my sweet almost 14 year old's face and what do I see? Stubble. Blond stubble, but stubble none the less.

Me: Hey! (I reached over at the stop light and grabbed his face.) Is that stubble on your face?

Z: Yeah.... Why?

Me: Well I think maybe its time for you to learn how to shave then.

Z: Meh. Its been like this for a couple of months.

Me: What have you been doing about it?

Z: Ripping it out with duct tape.

Me: (Cringing on the inside knowing how badly that had to hurt.) Really? Are you nuts?!

Z: It was effective.

Me: Doesn't that hurt?

Z: Yeah, but that's why I got mustache duct tape. You know the one with the mustaches on it. Hee hee I've been waiting to use that pun for months!

Sigh. Guess its time to buy the boy a razor, though duct tape might be cheaper.

I then had to show him this YouTube video.....LOL

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