Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mom, you are grounded and have been replaced.

Its a lazy Saturday morning. Okay nothing is ever lazy in our house but our idea of lazy means light house keeping, grocery shopping, and final items for costumes to be purchased. None of these things is very much fun. I can get the minions to help me with the house keeping but the shopping I was rejected by all children until I said these fatal words....

"Okay if no one is coming with me all that house work needs to be done before you may play any video games."

C: I'm going with you.

Me: No. You can just stay home you didn't want to go in the first place its too late now.

C: You are still here so it is not too late. I'm going.

Me: No.

C: Mom, you're grounded until Christmas.

Me: Why?

C: You are making me do chores and you won't take me to the store with you!

Woo Hoo!

Me: Does that mean I have to say in my room all day and do nothing?!?!?!

C: There's still time to avoid being grounded!

Z: NO! It means you get to go grocery shopping!

After hanging around drinking my coffee and waiting for the boys to get most of their chores done Corbin comes back in the living room.

C: Mom. You've been replaced.

Feeling a little apprehensive, I asked the big question. "By whom?"

C: By Me.

Z: Corbin, you need an anatomy lesson.

I lost and took Corbin shopping with me. He is a great shopper and kept things on track the whole time. Crazy kid.

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