Sunday, November 2, 2014

I couldn't bare the thought!

Picked my mom up from the airport the other night. After not hearing from her since she left New York and headed to Spain. I am so glad she is home.

Diego and I played rock, paper, scissors to determine who would get to pick her up and who had to take Zach to karate. I won!

I took the little boys and we drove around the airport for about 25 minutes waiting for her plane to land and for her to get her luggage.

As we were driving her home she was telling us about her trip and all the interesting things she did while there.

C: Did you see any real live cuttlefish Grandmother?

G: Oh yes and they served them to us for (I start slicing my hand across my neck trying to indicate that if she went any further the wrath of Corbin would be on her hands.)

C: Oh Grandmother, (covering his eyes and head) I just can't even bare the idea that someone would eat such a gentle creature. How could you do that?

At this point I'm shaking with laughter and trying to avoid hitting the turtles on the side of the road.

G: Oh we didn't eat them Corbin. My friend and I told them we couldn't eat cuttlefish it would upset my grandson too much.

Under my breath I start teasing my mom, "Were they delicious, nutritious, taste just like chicken?"

Under my mom's breath "Shut up you little brat! We didn't eat them."

Me: Yeah right. (Tears were streaming down my face at this point.)

C: I'm so glad you didn't eat such a gentle flesh eating creature. (I think maybe gentle might be a little off for the fish kingdom.)

I am now wondering what will happen when I get him to eat calamari.....Bwa ha ha.

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