Sunday, November 9, 2014

Education does not end on the weekend in this house...LOL

The house is filled with some of our favorite characters again! They are playing all sorts of video games that I have no idea how they work. I know that I wouldn't let the little boys play TF2 until this week. Apparently the amount of watching of the game has made them evil masters. Corbin acted as one character and killed all the kids that have been playing for months. I call that a win for my sweet boy who doesn't usually win at this stuff. He even killed Zach bwa ha ha.

All these games and discussions and I keep hearing time to melee from Corbin!

Me: Corbin, do you know what that word means?

Corbin: Yeah to kill people with hand to hand combat!

Me: Really? You sure?

The echo from the other room of all the children that they were sure this was the meaning of the word.

Being the mom that I am I Googled it and started reading the definition to the boys:

Melee, generally refers to disorganized close combat in naval or armor battles fought at abnormally close range with little central control once it starts.

Its a French word that came about in the 1640-50's.

Zach: I don' that definition.

Me: I don't care and I don't like the definition that was the same definition are two separate issues. Nice try at the cover up though.

Whispered by another child in the room: Your mom does know that its the weekend right and schools out.

Z: Yeah she knows she just doesn't care.

Giggle. You got it baby! Know the meaning of the words you are using before you start using them. School is always in session in this house!

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