Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to cope when the kids are gone for extended periods of time.

As some of you might know this week my children are on an extended vacation with their father. Not as bad as last year 9 days but 4 days is still a significant amount of time. I home school, work 2 or 3 different jobs depending on the day and try to keep my house half way decent...(I said half way.) Today marked day 3 without children. Day 3 of having about half a day to do stuff I don't normally get to do. 

I got up went to work and got home before Diego. I had time on my hands. When I arrived home there were 4 packages on my porch. Oh goodie! More curriculum and work!  Nope, I got a pencil sharpener, and one book. The rest? Was for Diego. Hummm. As I'm opening the boxes talking with my mother tell her all about his new treasures she suggests I make him go on a treasure hunt for them.  "Okay, if I'm going to hide his treasures before he gets home I gotta go!" 

Mom: Have fun!  

This is what Diego came home to. 

He found the second package first due to my thinking I was filling the pool and actually filling the lawn with water...Whoops! It took him a bit longer to find the game. I should have hid it better and given less clues! Or maybe not since I can blog this without interruptions!

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