Monday, April 21, 2014

We have food...

Picking my boys up from their fathers the other day I informed them that we would have to go grocery shopping.  

Zach: Why?  We have food.

Me: No, we do not have food.

Zach: Yeah we do! We have hash browns and cookie dough.

Me:  That is not food.

Zach: Yeah it is we could live off that for weeks.

Me: There is no nutritional value to those things.

Zach: Mom, according to the food charts, a potato is a vegetable and we have eggs(protein), flour (grains), butter (dairy), sugars, and fats.  It is almost a complete balanced meal. 

Me: We are still going shopping but that was a great attempt to get out of it. 

Some days I am more mentally tired than physically.

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