Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thanks for NOT buying the fish.

Tax season is ruining my ability to blog this month. Not that I'm complaining work is good. I will make this a short post as I have to get back to work.

My mom came home from taking the boys to the store. 

A: We bought 6 doughnuts one for everyone in our family and one left over, or I could eat it.

Me: Lovely. Put them away while I go talk with your Grandmother.

He skips off happily imagining he is going to just go eat the doughnut and tell me later I thought that's what you said to do, cause he is tricky that way.

I walked outside to my mother who is unloading her flower purchases from my car to hers.  As she reached the bottom of the pile she reached in a bag and handed me a can of olives. 

Mom: Corbin said he needed olives.

Me: Olives and doughnuts. (Last time I checked no children in this house would eat olives!)

Mom:  Yeah, they needed them both. We looked at the fish.

Me: Thank you for not buying the fish.

Mom: I told him to wait for tax season to be over before we bought any pets.

Me: Why don't you just tell them to wait till the grow up and move out for pets.  I always kill the fish and the rest are too much work.

Mom: We'll wait till after tax season. (She pulled out of my driveway before she could hear my creative retort.)

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