Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Welcome to Party Central

Happy Thanksgiving week! We kicked off the beginning of our Holiday week with having a sleepover last night with one of the boys favorite friends.  The festivities continued this morning when we went to help finish the karate studio, picked up a 28 lb turkey, and having almost 15 children in the house. Two hours ago another of the boys most favorite friends arrived to stay the next few nights with us.  Through all the chaos of the day and all the preparations Corbin has been watching.  Until about two minutes ago when he came in the living room where I am folding laundry, watching a movie, and talking with Diego.

C:  Hey guys, Diego, Mom, welcome to our home, this is party central, though we haven't had a party yet but when we do we'll be ready.

I lost it.

Apparently watching Monsters University and comparing it to his home he has decided that he lives in party central. Never a dull moment.

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