Friday, November 29, 2013

The Return of Good Elf....

Tonight marks the return of Good Elf....The Elf on The Shelf Elf.  Immediately after reading the story of Good Elf what does my dear sweet baby boy do? Run off to brush his teeth.  After a few minutes I went looking for the children who were supposed to brush their teeth, then come back out in the living room to try and stay up a little longer(can't break with a nightly routine).  Where oh where were my children? Especially that little one?  In bed.  Hummm....

Me:  Whatcha doing?

A:  I'm doing everything I should.  I'm going to listen and get ready for bed and go to sleep when you tell me to.

Me:  How long do you think you are going to do this for?

A:  Until Good Elf is gone after Christmas.

Well, he listened to the story that is for sure.  Children only need to be good when Santa sends out his stalking elves.

A few minutes later Zach was getting into bed and we were giggling over Adams commentary.

Z:  Yeah, mom there's nothing that says good and kind like a fat guy in a red suit that sends his minions to stalk you.

Good times over here...Good times.

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