Sunday, August 17, 2014

Theater Fun!

The boys had another successful show at theater. They have so much fun hanging out with the kids at theater and being in the shows I am very grateful to all those that have kept the local children s theater alive. My sweet cousin came to watch the last show and sent her mother a text thanking her for attending all the shows she put on as a child. (You would think this wasn't Broadway!) After the shows were all finished I had a few habits I would like to have handled before the next show for my middle child but after I had a conversation with one of the directors I will be grateful that some habits are behind us...For now.

Director: Corbin came up to me and pointed to the television and said "Did you see that? I am on T.V.!" It was really cute.

Me: He's so silly! He really has come a long way!

D: Yeah he doesn't grab my boobs anymore that's really an improvement!

I lost it. Yes my middle man had a thing for grabbing particular women on their chests. Not all women, just the extra special ones....GA!!!!!! Fortunately Diego has broken him of this habit.

Me: Now if we could get him to stop grabbing himself on stage that would be good.

D: But then what would we have to entertain us?

Me: With my three boys? I'm sure there will be something!

D: True.

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