Thursday, August 14, 2014


Driving the kids to one of their many activities the other morning, low and behold a squirrel ran out in front my car. At the same time the suicidal squirrel was running my children were bickering about some Pokemon nonsense and I was done with the bickering so I did what any good mother hoping to inspire a distraction in her children would do. I yelled SQUIRREL!!!!!!

Corbin: Where?!?!? I don't see it! (Ah sweet success!)

From the sweet mouth of my baby boy comes a very matter of the fact tone and statement: Under the car. Dead.

Me: No, it got away.

C: It dodged the car?

Me: Yup!

C: He has excellent squirrel skills!

Under his breath the teenager mumbles..."No points for you mom."

I think my dark side genetics are strong in the oldest and youngest children.....My dear friend said "It was bound to be strong with one of them."

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