Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Music and Drama Camp Day 2. Desensitization day and the claw returns.

Day 2....

The request for the return of the claw was made by one of my favorite teen coaches. This morning I asked Zach to go get the claw and he about jumped out of the car to grab it from my office.

Me: Wow I really have twisted some children.

Z: Well I'm genetically yours so it was bound to happen. The rest of the kids well maybe they were just predisposed to your influence.

Camp was another almost drama free day. It was drama free for most of the children except for my own. Mine had to have a complete freak out session when they played "Let It Go" from the Frozen movie. Really?! Let it go kid!

My other two children are enjoying torturing Mr. C with their own renditions of "Let It Go". Zach downloaded the song on Spotify and put it on repeat in the car while we were waiting for A to get out of therapy. Now, we are watching Frozen. Suddenly, Corbin is no longer freaking out. Maybe we will make it through tomorrow without a freak out session. Here's hoping! (And here's hoping I don't lose my ever loving mind before the end of the day due to this stupid movie! I hope we only have to watch it once today.)

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