Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camp wrap up.

The rest of music and drama camp was relatively uneventful and overall fun. Corbin made it through at least 4 more Frozen songs without running out of the sanctuary screaming and holding his ears. The production on Sunday went off without too many hiccups. Either there was very little that was funny or I have lost my sense of humor. I'm pretty sure I will go looking for it in the next few days as I will need it to get through the rest of the month.

The teenagers have proven to me that there is humor everywhere you just need to look...Sometimes at hairy options.

Teen 1: You could cut your hair and donate it to charity.

Teen 2: Too bad that doesn't work with arm pit hair. Could you see that people being implanted with armpit hair on their heads. Maybe it would grow better.

At this point I turned the music up due to the deterioration of the conversation.

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