Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm Old

I celebrated our 20th high school reunion! With 14 of my fellow classmates.  I know that seems like nothing for some high schools but ours was a class of 86 girls. So 14 is a huge turn out!

We stayed till about 10 pm then to appease and reward the husband types we took them to Dave and Busters for a bit of video gaming. I walked in looked at  my dear friend and said I'm too old for this. Maybe I just haven't been around the up and coming younger crowd but really? It was too loud, the skirts and shorts girls were wearing were non-existent, and I was yawning by 10:30.

By 12:45 I had seen a woman attack her boyfriend to the point I wanted to tell them to get a room and I could barely keep my eyes open. Really? It wasn't that long ago that I worked all night long to make it through tax season. By the time we got home at 3:00 I was no longer wondering when I got old I was just looking forward to getting in bed and sleeping. I slept in longer than I have slept since BC (before children) it was 10:30! Just like a teenager! Maybe I'm not that old!

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