Monday, February 17, 2014


I hate mice.  It is a fear I have had since I was young. Cleaning out the rabbit pans when I was younger I had a mouse jump on my chest and run down and jump off my foot.  I'm not sure how many times this happened but enough to give me a great high pitch scream and a fast jumping reflex.

Sitting in my office this afternoon with my dear friend and neighbor I see something black out of the corner of my eye.  I get up and look and decided that I was seeing things.  My dear friend wanted to make sure it wasn't a snake.

We are chatting and all of a sudden I see it again and hear a scurrying and see it slid across my office floor.  I'm pretty sure Diego hasn't ever heard that pitch from me as I scream a profanity and jump into my office chair and my friend hides behind me just in case its a snake.  It was not a snake!!!!!!

I scream for him to come bring me a cat and he looks at me like I have lost my ever loving mind.  I did not! There was a mouse in my office.  My mommy believed me and offered to let me move my office to her house for the rest of tax season. I am going to seriously consider that one.

No one else saw the darn thing so I have called pest control.  I will set traps all over my house.  Again, I HATE MICE!

To my dear friend who suggested next time Diego video tape me in my emotional tare, stuff it!  If he videos that and it goes viral I will get you!

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