Thursday, February 27, 2014

Emergency Buttons

A few years ago we got my grandparents the life alert buttons. Since then I have received at least one call a month from very concerned helpful people.  Only a few of those calls have been an actual emergency.  I am still grateful the button is there for those one or two times it is an actual emergency and I really do not mind getting those phone calls.  It provides me with entertainment. This month my grandmother received a new unit that my uncle recommended she get.  It has GPS tracking.

Now when my grandmother leaves the house and pushes her button on accident we can see where she is really is and if she is in trouble or not.

We had a test of that today.  I feel sorry for the sweet helpful young man who had to call me and tell me where my grandmother was.

Guy:  We received a call from your grandmothers button and she is not responding.  She is at 1st and D streets.

Me:  She's grocery shopping.

Guy:  But she isn't responding should I send an ambulance?

Me:  She can't hear you.

Guy:  Okay I'll try her again and call you back.

Me:  Thank you.

Mean time I'm calling Mom and Diego to see what they think.  Diego seems to think that since I know where she is that I shouldn't worry.

D:  She's in the grocery store.

Me:  Yeah I'm pretty sure.

D:  If she is hurt there they have already sent out an ambulance.

Me:  Yeah, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't leave an elderly lady lying on the floor. (You never know.)  They said they would call me back.  What do you want to bet she can't hear them?  I am just picturing her walking around the grocery store with them saying Ma'am can you hear us?  With my grandmother looking all around trying to figure out where that noise has come from, God?  Is that you?  Oh the guy is calling me again.

I swap calls to see what is going on.

Guy: Well I still can't get a response, but I did hear announcements. So do you want me to dispatch the ambulance?

Me:  No, I'm pretty sure she's shopping and really doesn't want to deal with an ambulance.

Guy:  So you're sure you don't want an ambulance?

Me:  Yeah I'm sure I want to live another day.  Please do not send an ambulance.

So my entertainment for the day the picture in my own mind of my grandmother looking around to figure out who was talking to her.  Turns out she didn't even hear the guy.

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  1. Thanks for the chuckle!
    When your kids are teens you may want that GPS thing for them! :0)
    Love you! xoxo